Medy Salazar



On August 18, 2010, Ms. Remedios Salazar was rushed to Makati Medical Center 
because of dehydration from vomiting. Dr. Rosas, her attending physician, 
recommended that she be confined in thee ICU for close monitoring because of 
blood infection due to UTI and mild pneumonia.

Early morning on the 21st, Ms. Salazar had a heart attack. During the day her 
condition was stable with the help of medicines.

Today, August 23rd, Dr. Rosas said that everything is fine except that her 
platelet count is low.  A hermatologist will see her tomorrow.

Last Thursday, the anointing of the sick was administered to her. Please 
continue to remember her in your prayers.

Re: Financial Support for Ms. Salazar

Tet Salazar had to pay a deposit of P95,000.00 in the evening of the 18th. By 
Saturday, the hospital bill was already at P150,000.00.  We shall release funds 
to support the hospitalization of Ms. Medy. As of today, the SSAFI fund for Ms. 
Medy is about P175,000.00.  We have been suppporting her by paying the monthly due for two caregivers and the therapy for two times a month since January 2009 (P20,400.00). We need to raise funds for her continued wellness.

For those who wish to send monetary donations, our peso current account is:

St. Scholastica's Alumnae Foundation, Inc.
Bank of the Philippine Islands Vito Cruz, St Scholastica Branch
Current account number 2771-0017-53

Thank you for your concern and support, fellow Scholasticans.

In behalf of the SSAFI Committee for Ms. Salazar's Wellness,

I visited Ms. Medy the week after typhoon Ondoy. Her house and her room was also flooded about a foot high.  Her hospital bed was high enough so the caregivers did not have to move her.  She had also electricity during that time for the flood waters was just below the electric sockets. The aircon was not on at the time of my visit for they were still drying and airing the room.
Ms. Medy is doing well.  She can now take a little cake, ice cream and other sweets through her mouth aside from feeding through the peg.  The latter feeding is every four hours. She has put on weight and her mind is active again..
I think regular short visits from some of us would be great for her.  She can communicate which the caregiver can interpet. When I said good-bye, she tried to ask me when I was coming back. She longs for company.
It has been a year since she suffered that bad fate. Through your support, we have been able to attend to the monthly salaries of the caregivers and the fee for the regular therapy.  We have also reimbursed Tett Salazar, her niece, for the hospitalization bill in the first quarter of the year.
Tett received the dollar donation which Mila Magno brought last April, 2009. On behalf of Tett, I would like to thank you again for all your concern and support.
I remain,
Didi Villegas (HS 1965 and College 1969)
SSAFI Board Member

March 21, 2009


Dear Fellow Scholasticans,




Rejoice! Now, Ms. Medy responds and utters a few words and phrases! Though not as audible, she can communicate and express what she needs. I had to ask her caregiver to explain what she meant to tell me. According to her new caregivers, she would now ask them to explain the procedures done to her and she would utter a cry when she feels pain during the therapy.


Ms. Medy's caregiver has left for abroad and the house help has gone, too. Tett has hired two caregivers (a trained caregiver for the evening shift and a midwife for the morning.) The former helper who used to be the night watch is still around.  The new caregivers communicate with Ms. Medy and maybe this is one of the reasons why she can now utter words and phrases.


Physical therapy sessions are done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. She can now be moved and can sit in her wheelchair.


In the last week of January, Ms. Medy had to be brought to Makati Medical Hospital by ambulance so that the doctor could perform a procedure for the removal of dead tissues from bedsores on both hips and lower back.  One of the sores is completely dry and the other two are now healing.


With regard to her spiritual healing the Eucharistic lay minister (nephew-in-law) gives Ms. Medy Holy Communion every week.  She listens to reflective, inspirational tapes daily.  Scholasticans who visit her pray with her, too.  She also watches television (TV news when I visited her one evening.) 


The SSAFI Committee, in consultation with her niece, Tett Salazar, has decided to give Ms. Medy a regular monthly allowance for the salaries of the two caregivers and the house help and the fees for the physical therapy sessions.  This began in January, 2009. We have also reimbursed her niece for the medical bills for the recent hospitalization.


We assured Tett that there is money for the needs of Ms. Medy.  If she foresees a major expense, she will inform me ahead of time. We also decided that other medical expenses incurred for the month shall be reimbursed as needed.  We have arrived on this decision since these expenses vary according to the doctors' prescriptions and the donations in kind.


We have received again a dollar donation (980) this March according to our SSAFI Secretary.  Thank you for the generosity of our Scholastican benefactors.


The visits of friends and Scholasticans and support from all of you have given Ms. Medy the reason to live.  She knows and feels that she is loved and cared for by her Scholastican family. Tett has expressed her sincere gratitude for all the help we have extended to them.


As we celebrate the Lenten Season, may we all be one in Ms. Medy's suffering and journey.  We experience the great LOVE of the Father through His Son as we witness in our loving care and concern for her. Let us rejoice in this Great Love!


That in all things God may be glorified!



Didi Villegas for the SSAFI Committee

HS '65 and Coll. '69





January 4, 2009


Dear Fellow Scholasticans,


PAX!  A Grace-filled New Year to one and all!  Today is the 79th birthday of Ms. Medy.  I offered an evening mass for her special intention.


On December 17th, Ampy Lim, Marilou Lim and I sat down with Tett Salazar to discuss the regular needs of Ms. Medy to decide on the monthly budget we shall set aside starting January, 2009.


I also consulted Ms. Medy’s attending physican, Dr. Noel Rosas (who happens to be my cardiologist), on December 19th and we ( Sr. Josefina Nepomuceno, OSB, Sr. Lydia Villegas, OSB and Mike Palileo paid a short visit) visited Ms. Medy  and I had along talk with Tett on December 26th.


Dr. Rosas told me the following: 

       Ms. Medy needs good, efficient nursing care that can monitor her daily – regular food intake, blood pressure, avoid occurrence of bedsores, etc.  She needs a maximum of three physical therapy sessions per week to improve her movement function.  Since she is aging, her brain functions are degenerative and he thinks that it cannot be helped except for the nutritional build-up.  She has the beginnings of Alzheimer.  There should also be the avoidance of decubitus ulcer.


Dr. Rosas recommends that:

1.    Ms. Medy should have good, efficient nursing care so that she could be monitored properly;

2.    Physical rehabilitation – 3 x a week

3.    Nutritional build-up

4.    Continuous maintenance medicine

5.    Periodic blood tests – every other month

6.    Quarterly check-up by the doctor 


These were established during the meeting.  The costs have been corrected after my consultation with the attending physician and my visit on December 26th. We shall decide on the regular monthly support in January, 2009.





Nursing care

Salary of  1st caregiver

Salary of 2nd caregiver

Php 4,000 per  month 6,000

Physical rehabilitation – Physical Therapy

2 additional sessions per week

 One session is free courtesy of 3 Scholasticans  PT graduates of UP, Manila


The current PT will have two sessions in January.  He can recommend one who will do the 3rd session.


With the once a week session in Nov-Dec, Ms. Medy can now move her fingers and arms.


800.00 per session x 2

Visit of attending physician – Dr. Rosas


Quarterly visit – she was last seen by the attending physician when she was hospitalized in October.  I reminded Tett that she should be seen by the doctor in January.


We suggested that there should be a doctor who should see her regularly and coordinate with her attending physician.  Tett has asked Dr. Soki Caedo-___ who lives near the area if she could see Ms. Medy regularly.  She said YES for free.

Php 700 per visit


Ms. Medy, 2 caregivers and 1 house helper

Php 3,000 per week

Maintenance medicines

Peptamine (food supplement – 3 x week)  2 per week

1,030 each


Sinamet (relax muscles – 2x day)



Celebrex (pain – 2x day)



Iberet liquid ( 1 x day)



Losartan (1x day) Has a supply for one month


Blood Chemistry

Every other month


Under pads

Ampy bought the supply for the rest of December.

4,500 per month

Adult diapers

Still has a supply

4,000 per month



There has been a lot of improvement on Ms. Medy. Her aura looks different from the last time I was there in November.  The whole atmosphere in the room looks pleasant.  She looks more comfortable.  A special mattress was given by some Scholasticans.


The physical rehab sessions for the past month have shown significant results. She can now move her fingers and lower arms.  The caregivers have been asked by the PT to continue some of the exercises during the Christmas break. He will resume in January on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Ms. Medy is awake for longer periods of time during the day due to the over-all care and rehabilitation sessions.  She was listening to my stories for more than two hours during the three hours I was there – sharing with Tett.  Tett noticed that she did not doze off and was really looking at me all the time.  I was telling Tett that maybe being a school person my experiences sounded familiar to her.


A lay minister from the parish now gives her Holy Communion regularly.  He is the husband of Tett’s second cousin. I brought religious songs (Fr. Hontiveros’ compositions and Himig Jesuita) she can listen to and pray with when she is awake.


Tett Salazar is overwhelmed by the love you have all shown. Truly, the Scholastican spirit has been manifested in all your prayers, love, support and service.


That in all things God may be glorified!



Didi Villegas

For the SSAFI Committee





Dear Mila,
The amount of php 297, 528.66 through paypal was remitted to the SSAFI Current Account for Ms. Medy Salazar on November 27, 2008.  We now have a total donation of php 480, 958.66 as of December 9, 2008. The donations also came from Scholasticans in the Philippines and from the USA sent through Ms. Lourdes Castro-Roa, SSAFI President,  in October 2008.
Thank you again for the generosity of our fellow Scholasticans in Canada and the USA.
The SSAFI Committee for Ms. Medy met last December 3rd and have agreed on how the funds will be managed.  We are meeting with Tett Salazar on December 17th to decide on how best we can help Ms. Medy. By the way, Elsa Lava-Mapua is also a member of the Committee.
I also found out from our Parish Church that our parish priest visited Ms. Medy and administered the Annointing of the Sick last December 2nd. I'll still check on the Lay Minister for the regular reception of the Eucharist.
I'll give you again an update after our meeting with Tett Salazar.
May the Spirit of the Advent Season be with all of you.
 Didi Villegas for the SSAFI Committee


November 26, 2008


Thank you for your generosity and concern for Ms. Medy Salazar.  A Committee of four has volunteered to take care of the donations coursed through SSAFI, to coordinate with her niece, Tett Salazar, (a Scholastican from Grade School up to College, and currently a faculty in the GS Unit; she was my student in Grade I and in College.) and to give you updates on Ms. Medy.

The SSAFI account for Ms. Medy is:

                          BPI St. Scholastica-Vito-Cruz Branch
                         Current Account No. 2771-0017-53
                          Issue transmittance/checks to St. Scholastica’s Alumnae Foundation, Inc. or SSAFI

I visited Ms. Medy last November 15th.  She’s bed-ridden; doesn’t speak but looks at us, may be trying to figure out who her visitor is, recalling how we looked in High School; occasionally, Tett would wipe her tears.  She sleeps most of the time but is awake at night. She has round-the-clock care-givers (2) and a house help.  Tett stays with her after classes until about ten in the evening.  She told me that she would normally read to Ms. Medy the notes and letters from her former students and friends when she’s awake.

Donations have poured in cash, in kind and in services.  Tett has opened two bank accounts on behalf of Ms. Medy for the donations that are directly given to her.  A hospital bed has been brought in by the class of Loyan Wycoco-Pineda.  A physical therapist now comes regularly courtesy of another Scholastican.  A former student also arranged for a lay minister to bring her the Eucharist that week.  I’ve arranged for a lay minister to bring her Communion every week on Saturday afternoon when her niece is around.

I reminded her of Gigi Prats’ offer that Ms. Medy be brought to their family hospital in Cabanatuan for complete check-up and physical therapy for free so that she could be given the best services possible.  Tett says that she told Ms. Medy about this “vacation” but the latter does not want to avail of it.  I also told Tett that SSAFI has opened an account for the donations that have been addressed to SSAFI.  I assured her that we all care for Ms. Medy and for her.

The SSAFI Committee for Ms. Medy includes Gigi Prats, Ampy Lim, Marilou Simon-Lim and me, Didi Villegas.  We have not met as to how disbursements would be done.  Noemi Laca, our office secretary, has prepared receipts for these donations.

Ms. Medy has made our High School life so memorable and has left imprints in our hearts.  Today, Ms. Medy’s health has bonded the Scholasticans, the Sisters, and her co-teachers for a common purpose – for her total well-being. 

Didi Villegas  (HS ’65, AB ’69)
For the SSAFI Committee


Dear Fellow Scholasticans,

Greetings from SSAFI!

The generous response of offering help to Ms. Medy Salazar, our former   high school teacher/mentor/administrative officer, is truly overwhelming and touching!

We are overjoyed to see the outpouring of love and concern from her former students.  This reflects the Christian values that we still carry with us - a legacy of our Scholastican upbringing.

First of all, we would like to thank the classes of Emma Yuhico, Marimi de la Fuente,  and Mignon Wycoco-Ramos who sent the initial emails about the condition of Ms. Medy which moved her former students into action.

Some SSAFI Board members and other former students have gotten in touch with Ms. Medy’s niece, Teresa Salazar, who has been teaching in the Grade School Department for 16 years. We found out from Teresa, through Neni Sta. Ronana-Cruz, that Ms. Medy is the only surviving sibling of Teresa’s father. Ms. Medy’s other sister, Ms. Cora Salazar, who was also our teacher in high school, passed away in the US at the age of 60 because of a kidney complication. Teresa thinks that this may have been the beginning of Ms. Medy’s deteriorating health because these 2 unmarried siblings planned to grow old together. Teresa has 9 other cousins, 5 of whom live abroad. One of the cousins owns the house where Ms. Medy lives and she also sends money monthly for Ms. Medy’s needs.

It was only in February 2008 when Ms. Medy’s arthritis immobilized her. In March 2008, Teresa got her an “egg mattress” which can help prevent bedsores. It was in July that she became bedridden. Teresa recounted the story of the “bites”. It happened in the afternoon. Ms. Medy was awake and she said that she didn’t even feel it when it happened. It was only later that she felt the effects of the bite and had to be hospitalized. Ms. Medy stayed in the hospital for 15 days. Her stay in the hospital was prolonged because it was discovered that she would choke on her food. They had to place a peg in her stomach through which she is fed 4 times a day. Her tests also showed that she had a low hemoglobin count.

Teresa says Ms. Medy is on her 3rd week at home, and is recovering well. She still has difficulty in speaking, though. According to students who visited her, she recognized some of them and that she likes receiving visitors. She experiences pain when transferring from her bed to the wheelchair.  She is awake in the morning, sleeps in the afternoon and is awake again at night. Teresa is the only one among her cousins who lives nearby. Because of her job, she is able to visit her only at night from 6 to 10pm. But now that they are on semestral break, she is able to visit her also in the daytime.

Her visitors consist mostly of former students who come in by Batch and bring her immediate needs—disposable diapers, bedding pads, some fruits, vegetables and food that can be osterized. Our SSAFI office secretary, Noemi Laca has gone to visit her and some SSAFI board members will be visiting her today.

We received a request from US-based alumnae for SSAFI to coordinate the receipt of donations for Ms. Medy. Out SSAFI President Ma. Lourdes “Melo” Castro-Roa and  Amparo Lim, Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee, are the point persons for this.  Ms Roa is currently in the US to be with her daughter who gave birth a few weeks ago, but will be back in Manila by next week. We got the clearance from her to give an initial update and to respond to this request. We suggest that you send your future emails to  SSAFI email address:  ATTN Ms. Ma. Lourdes Castro-Roa and Ms. Amparo Lim  and cc

We are coordinating with Teresa about Ms. Medy’s other needs--- costs of the salary of the caregivers, other supplies needed for her care, etc.  According to Neni, at first she was a little reluctant about discussing costs, but she told her that these information is necessary as SSAFI will be receiving the donations and disbursing them.  It will be easier to get it from SSAFI office as she works in St. Scholastica. Teresa mentioned that initially, she had a problem with the fast turnover of caregivers. Neni expressed to her that the burden of care for Ms. Medy does not need to fall just on her, as her former students are eager to offer monetary, moral and spiritual support.

Thanks for all the suggestions you sent through email. We have mentioned to Teresa, some of the suggestions/alternatives regarding the care that can be given to Ms. Medy. She and her family are appreciative of the concern shown by her former students and  SSAFI.

We will be meeting with other SSAFI board members and get the inputs of other batches. Daisy Barawidan, who is active in the US Eastcoast alumnae group has forwarded some of the emails to our Benedictine sisters to inform them of Ms. Medy’s situation. Ms. Roa will be also be talking to the sisters so that our efforts to help Ms. Medy can be coordinated with theirs.

SSAFI is looking into ways that collections can be remitted efficiently and economically. We will keep you posted regarding the account numbers that can be used.  Although the funds are targeted to help Ms. Medy, it was suggested that this can also be the start of a fund for other teachers who may need our help in the future. Give us your thoughts on the possible name we can give the fund for our teachers who unselfishly gave of themselves and who helped make us “the true and finished women of character”.

And, most important of all, we ask for your prayers for the speedy recovery of Ms. Medy and for guidance from above as to how best we can help her. That in all things, God may be glorified!

Proud to be  Scholasticans,

Ma. Lourdes Simon-Lim  -- PRO

Maria Elsa Lava-Mapua   -- Secretary